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Roundtrip Flight deals to South Pacific
* The prices listed below are past searches done by real customers in the last 24 hours for specific travel dates. Fares are roundtrip,based on availability, and are subject to change.
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Cheap flights to South-Pacific

$1300 - $1700

Geographical division

Book your flights to the South Pacific also geographically referred to as Oceania. The South Pacific comprises the islands located in the southern Pacific Ocean that extend south of the Malay Archipelago and eastwards towards the Americas. Travelers booking flights to the South Pacific will experience numerous cultures and geographical regions including cities such as Auckland, Sidney and Melbourne and beautiful tropical islands.

Wide range of cultures

When booking flights to the South Pacific travelers must bear in mind that the region is divided into four distinct areas: Polynesia, a triangle of islands extending as far north as Hawaii, as far East as the Easter Island and south to New Zealand’s southern islands.
Polynesia offers a variety of climates, multicultural cities, and tropical islands. The largest cities in Polynesia include Hawaii , Hawaii , Honolulu , New Zealand
Micronesia is a group of islands in the western pacific. The islands of Micronesia include the Marshal islands,the Marianas, , Guam , Palau.
Melanesia includes the islands of Solomons, , Fiji , New Caledonia ,Papua New Guinea.
Australia is the largest of the South Pacific islands.

A variety of landscapes

When booking flights to the South Pacific travelers will encounter a region of exceptional beauty and variety, with beautiful tropical beaches, snow capped mountains, vast desserts, tropical coral atolls, deep jungles and first-class world cities. Discover this most captivating region when you book flights to the South Pacific on Vayama.