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Table Manners in Belgium

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Table Manners in Belgium

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6:11 pm
August 15, 2010



Dont put your purse or bags on the table, there are superstitious beliefs about this.

Dont drink your drink while standing up at the table.

Dont talk while chewing, but if you really have to say something, put your hand in front of your mouth while talking. Dont chew with an open mouth.

Do participate in conversation while eating. Belgians usually enjoy cheerful and animated meals.

DO finish your plate, it is considered rude and a waste if you don't finish it. (be warned, Belgians tends to serve large amounts of food)

Dont show any sign of disgust if you see a Belgian dipping his/her sandwiches in their cup of coffee. Instead, try doing the same, you'll be surprised at how delicious it actually is!

12:03 pm
December 24, 2009


DON'T put your elbows on the table, but do keep your hands on the table and not in your lap.
DO allow the host to give the first toast. The guest of honor is expected to give a toast later.
DO finish all the food on your plate. Not doing so is considered wasteful and impolite.
DO place your knife and fork at the 5:25 position once you are full to indicate that you are done eating.
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Table Manners in Belgium

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