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Socializing and Conversation in Kenya

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Socializing and Conversation in Kenya

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5:01 pm
December 29, 2009


DO learn a few works in Kiswahili. Kenyans usually like when guests to their country try to make an effort to speak their language.
DO understand that women over the age of 21 will often be referred to as "Mama" and men over the age of 35 are often referred to as "Mzee." Children will often refer to all adults as "Aunt or Uncle."
DON'T kiss or hold hands in public.
DO understand that Kenyans will sometimes use analogies, metaphors, and stories when conversing. This is to avoid bluntness.
DON'T speak loudly, although in more rural areas Kenyans may speak louder.
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Socializing and Conversation in Kenya

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