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The national airline of the Republic of Nauru, Air Nauru was renamed Our Airline in September 2006. It is also known as Oceanic United Republics Airline and is based in Nauru International Airport, Yaren, the sole airport of the Pacific Island state. One Boeing 737-300 operates a twice weekly route between Brisbane, Nadi, Honiara (Solomon Islands), Tarawa (Republic of Kiribati) and Majuro (Marshall Islands) as a combination cargo and 130 seat configuration. While the airline has been owned by the Nauru government since 1970, Our Airline represents a new approach as the airline was sold, by the help of Taiwanese funding, as a sub-regional airline to six small Pacific Islands states, which all have formal diplomatic relationships with Taiwan rather than Beijing. The new name, Our Airline, signifies the ability for each partner airline to call the airline its own.

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