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About Cayman Airways

Fly with the Flag Carrier of the Cayman Islands

Founded in 1968 as Cayman Brac Airways, Cayman Airways is the flag carrier for the Cayman Islands. Operated out of Grand Cayman, the airline operates a range of international routes, although chartered services are also available. The airline was established when the government of the Cayman Islands purchased a majority share of Cayman Brac Airways from LACSA, the flag carrier of Costa Rica. Grand Cayman had already been serving as a popular stopover destination for routes to Miami, San Jose and Cuba.

After the government buyout, Cayman Airways went from strength to strength. The 1970s saw a boom in activity for the operator, with more international routes being added to the roster. By the end of the 1970s, several non-stop routes to the United States had begun operating, with several services bound for destinations like Houston, Texas, every week. In the 1980s, the airline significantly boosted its stock with the purchase of numerous new aircraft, strengthening its authority as an international operator and increasing its capacity. Charter services to a wider range of destinations were announced, with popular stops including Chicago, Boston and New York City.

As of today, Cayman Airways boasts a fleet size of nine and runs regular services to a dozen international destinations from its hub at Owen Roberts International Airport. With an incredibly popular frequent-flyer program, Sir Turtle Rewards, and several successful subsidiaries, this airline continues to prove a pivotal part of intentional travel for the Cayman Islands.

Flying with Cayman Airways

Cayman Airways offers a range of fare groups and services to accommodate all kinds of passenger. Economy Low is the most affordable option, with economy cabin seats, non-refundable booking and small charges applied for changes to travel dates and details. Economy Flexible provides customers with a little more leeway, slashing fees if any changes need to be made and allowing for refunds on fares in most cases. Business class tickets also have a Low and Flexible option. Business Low tickets aren't refundable, with charges applied for changes to booking details. Business Flexible allows for full refunds on fares and free changes of booking details, except in the case of same-day change requests.

Practical Information

Check-in: Passengers can check-in their bags at drop-off desks at their departure points although it's always advised that passengers print off their boarding passes online ahead of time to make life as convenient as possible. Passengers can print boarding passes at home up to 2 hours before their flight or by using one of the boarding pass booths at the airport. Online check-in is usually available from 24 hours before scheduled departure times.

Luggage allowance:

  • One checked bag with a maximum linear size of 157cm and weight of 25 kg.
  • Economy Class passengers can check up to two bags free of charge, while Business Class passengers can check up to three pieces of baggage.
  • One piece of hand luggage is allowed in the cabin, except in special circumstances.
  • For more information on baggage rules, see here [].

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