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Lao Airlines is the national carrier of Laos based in Vientiane, Wattay International Airport. Operations started in 1976 under the name Lao Aviation, fully owned by the new communist government, but changed its logo and name in 2003 to reflect a new era for the airline. They serve domestic destinations as well as destinations in neighboring China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. The fleet of 70 seat capacity ATR 72-200 turbojets and 12 seat capacity YN-12s for short mountainous airfields was enhanced in 2006 with the purchase of an Airbus A320 accommodating 140 passengers. In efforts to re-build the airline in a new image, Lao Airlines - now only 40% government owned, is expanding its route net to include popular tourist spots and will fly under code-sharing agreement with Vietnam Airlines between Luang Prabang and Hanoi. The airline is now part of the Discovery AirPass, a coupon system allowing passengers to use Lao Airlines, Bangkok Airlines and Siem Reap Airways within the three airlines respective domestic networks.

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