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About the airports from Los Angeles to Bali with Hong Kong Airlines

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the international airport that primarily serves the city and surrounding metropolitan area of Los Angeles, California. Located in Westchester, LAX is 18 miles from downtown LA and is the largest and busiest airport on the west coast of the US. The airport is a primary gateway for flights from Los Angeles LAX to Bali DPS with Hong Kong Airlines.

I-Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) is the main airport for flights from Los Angeles to Bali with Hong Kong Airlines. The airport is located 8 miles from the south of Denpasar city. It is the second-busiest airport in Indonesia, with services that won the world's third-best airport by Airport Council International in 2016.

The airport takes its name from a celebrated Balinese hero of the 1946 Indonesian revolution.

Getting from Los Angeles to Bali or Flights Los Angeles (LAX) - Bali (DPS) with Hong Kong Airlines

Flights from Los Angeles to Bali with Hong Kong airlines travel approximately 8,633 miles to the famous Indonesian holiday island. One of the few direct flights, Hong Kong airlines flies from LAX to DBS - the average flight duration for flights from LAX to DBS is 17 hours and 46 minutes. The shortest flight duration from LAX to Bali is 17 hours, 44 minutes.

The low season for travel to Bali through DBS via Hong Kong Airlines is between October and March when the weather is wet and humid, but flight ticket prices are lower. Mountain retreats and beach activities attract tourists in droves during the high season from June to September, when the weather is hot and dry.

About the airline

Hong Kong Airlines was founded in 2006 as a full-service airline that offers flights to over 40 destinations across North America and Asia. It has one of the world's youngest and most modern aircraft fleets and is rated four stars as Asia's most popular airline and the second-best global airline for punctuality.

Hong Kong Airlines offer inflight amenities in a two-class setting. A business and economy class are available for flights from LAX to DBS with entertainment options available. In-flight entertainment on Hong Kong airline flights from LAX to DBS include small screen entertainment and the ability to stream services on to personal devices. Hong Kong Airlines have expanded of late to become a global carrier and has taken delivery of the new airbus A350's, enabling them to offer direct flights from LAX to DBS.

Lounge experiences at both LAX and DBS are available for Hong Kong Airlines passengers to stretch out and relax before takeoff or after arriving in Denpasar.

About the Flights Los Angeles (LAX) - Bali (DPS) with Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines flights from LAX to DBS are filled with excitement and rest, augmented by extra space and legroom seating where soft bedding avails quality sleep above the clouds. Exclusively created meals by celebrity chefs have the best of western-Asian cuisine fusions for business class passengers on Hong Kong Airlines.

Economy class passengers are offered premium meals that promote local cultural cuisine, with delights that include Chinese cookies and Hong Kong tofu desserts. Hong Kong Airlines offer a business and economy class on its flights from LAX to DBS. The Fortune Wings Club offers a frequent-flyer program which allows online registration where you can also book a hotel that is verified by the airline.

Hong Kong Airlines also run a very well-coordinated baggage checking service that fully accommodates every passenger's requirement, particularly on long-haul flights from LAX to DBS.

Transportation, transfers and car rental

There are taxi counters available on arrival at Bali DBS, both within and outside the terminal building. Options include metered and fixed fare cab rides. Rideshares are available with corresponding smartphone apps. LAX has a constant car and shuttle traffic, where passengers to DBS are furnished with convenient parking options.

Spots include short and long-term parking, which feature affordable rates, with places for picking up and dropping off of passengers allocated. There are 2,000 spaces available at the terminal buildings of DBS Denpasar international airport, with both long and short-term options. Travelers with limited mobility are also catered for at Ngurah Rai International Airport, which also has car park spaces specifically designated for disabled drivers.

Bali Ngurah Rai Airport DBS has car rental facilities for passengers looking to step out on their trip.

Practical information

Passports for US passengers from LA must have at least validity for six months with two blank pages on arrival to the Indonesian island of Bali. American passport holders do not require a visa to visit Bali, and passengers coming in via DBS can stay for tourism for up to 30 days.

Visa exemption is free but cannot be extended, and US citizens traveling to Bali via Hong Kong Airlines for reasons other than vacationing can apply for a 30-day visa at the arrivals section of DBS. Bali is 16 hours ahead of Los Angeles. Bali is located within Indonesia central time WITA and is 8 hours ahead of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

The Indonesian rupiah is used in Bali, and US and Australian dollars are widely accepted, as are euros and the British pound. Passengers from LAX will hear Balinese spoken on arrival at DBS, which is a Malayo-Polynesian language with 3.3 million speakers. Balinese speakers also inter-mingle it with Indonesian, and the language is closest in comparison to Javanese.

Etiquette for travelers from LAX to DBS includes modesty in manners of behavior and dress, plus some strict temple visiting garb. Before entering a Balinese temple, men and women make sure their knees and shoulders are covered with a long sarong called kain kamben. A temple scarf to be worn around the waist is mandatory as required temple apparel.

Top travel tips

Jet Pack on water at Tanjung Benoa

Water sports in Tanjung Benoa have an experience that is unique, innovative, and exciting - and that is jet pack flying. For 20 minutes of flight, strap on a water jet pack and soar to a height of 20 meters, for a never-before-experienced encounter with instructors dedicated to training travelers to safely fly them.

Quiet Quality Snorkeling at Amed

Amed is the place where savvy tourists escape the crowd for some undisturbed quality snorkeling - and this part of Bali is still off the radar for most travelers. A collection of villages is strung together along the beach at Amed with waters that offer excellent visibility and relatively low diving rates.

Bali and the Pod Chocolate Factory

One of the world's top cocoa producers, Bali is home to the Pod chocolate factory, and travelers are welcome for delicious bites and lessons on all things chocolate. Tours are offered by the factory with a wide variety of activities, including shopping for a sweet souvenir treat to bring back after the trip.

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