Cheap flights to Cairo

Cheap Flights to Cairo, Egypt

As the largest city in Africa and the home of over 16 million people, Cairo can be a very overwhelming place – but at least it’s never boring. Over the centuries, Cairo has been ruled by a variety of different cultures that have all left their mark on the city. If you’re looking to visit a city that’s been an international hotspot for a millennia, then book your flights to Cairo today. When booking your flights to Cairo, it’s a good idea to take the weather into consideration. Cairo, like the rest of Egypt, gets very hot in the summer, and most people like to try to avoid getting flights to Cairo during that season. The most pleasant times of the year to get flights to Cairo are during the winter and spring. If you do end up getting flights to Cairo during the summer, don’t let it bother you as there are plenty of fun things to do indoors. For example, make sure to visit the world-renowned Egyptian Museum, home of mummies, sarcophagi and items from King Tut’s tomb. To get a great panoramic view of the city while having a nice meal, visit the revolving restaurant in Cairo Tower. For all your shopping needs, visit one of the many bazaars in Cairo. The most famous bazaar in Cairo is the Khan Al-Khalili bazaar, which is one of the world’s oldest bazaars. Other well known bazaars include the Khan Misr Touloun bazaar, the camel bazaar and the Wekalet al-Balah bazaar. Haggling is not only permitted at these bazaars, but it is expected, so try your hand at bargaining and see how low you can get the price to go.The pyramids in Giza and the Great Sphinx, Egypt’s most famous attractions, are located close to Cairo. To get to the pyramids, you can walk or take a taxi, bus, horse and buggy or camel. When you’re done gazing up in awe at these wonders of the world, you can visit the City of the Dead or rent a felucca and cruise down the Nile. Vayama makes finding flights to Cairo simple, so book your flights to Cairo today and find yourself in Cairo tomorrow!

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