Cheap flights to Banjul

Cheap Flights to Banjul, Gambia

Banjul, the destination with long, sandy beaches. Get your cheap flights to Banjul through Vayama for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! A perfect setting for a seaport town, Banjul, the capital of The Gambia, is small enough to find your way around and yet lively enough to never get bored. Many flights to Banjul arrive every day, offering the opportunity for holidaymakers to enjoy this pleasant spot time and time again.The flights to Banjul will land you right in the middle of the beach scene as the city is close to all the major resorts in The Gambia. The centre of the town is the July 22 Square with the main roads coming off it and leading to all the major sights.Apart from the beaches, there are many sights for visitors to enjoy on flights Banjul bound. Colourful and aromatic markets, a bustling harbour, colonial structures, and a museum are all on hand to make the holiday even more worthwhile. For free tours and beautiful craftwork, head for the St Joseph’s Adult Education & Skills Centre.The 19th century Albert Market is the centre of activity in Banjul, a hectic and interesting delve into African urban culture with all life on show plus the chance to haggle over many wares. The National Museum has many exhibits about the country.Choose flights to Banjul between November and February when the weather is mostly cool and dry, and it is a prime time for bird watching. May to June is when the heat really kicks in so you could find cheaper flights Banjul bound during this time.Whatever time of year you decide on, make sure you book your flights to Banjul through Vayama for the best deals!

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