Cheap flights to Casablanca

Cheap Flights to Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is a beautiful city on the west coast of Morocco. Visit the town of the “White houses” (Casas blancas) now. The must-see of this city is the world’s third largest mosque: the Hassan II Mosque. This mosque was built for the 60th birthday of the former king and has a minaret of 210 m. It’s built at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. When visiting the mosque you can see the sea through the glass floor. How cool is that? The most popular time to buy flights to Casablanca is in May/June and September/October. During these months it’s not extremely hot like in Juli and August. And there’s less rain than during wintertime. Also visit the Parc de la Ligue Arabe and the Medina. A Medina is an area where houses are built close to each other. Back in the days, this was a good way to keep the heat out of the streets and houses. This still works, but of course more people have air conditioning. Nowadays in the Medina you can find old houses and narrow streets where people live and sell products. So this is the place to buy your souvenirs for your family and friends! Wait no longer and book your flight to Casablanca now on Vayama!

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