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All that is classic about Africa seems to fit into a nice neat package in this country so waste no more time in bagging some flights to Tanzania as soon as you can. For sweeping plains awash with wildebeest and rhino, sweltering afternoons rippling into evenings of skies alight with stars, and a welcome breeze coming off the Indian Ocean, make sure you get cheap flights to Tanzania and make sure you get them through Vayama.For those on flights to Tanzania the major sights to see first are Mt Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park, two of the most famous places on the continent. But there is more to Tanzania than just that – vast areas of wilderness in the south where you are likely to be the only traveller, Swahili ruins, and, of course, the beach.The lure of the Spice Islands of Unguja, also known as Zanzibar, and Pemba, has been documented since the 8th century when traders from Persia first established settlements there. Tanzania flights are worth it just to visit these exotic, palm-fringed islands that offer a laidback holiday.If you want a safari holiday, head first for Arusha, the gateway to the country's northern safari circuit including the Serengeti as well as proximity to the tallest peak in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro. There is also Arusha National Park, smaller but very diverse with the chance to spot giraffes, monkeys, and views of the mountains.Lake Tanganyika forms a natural border between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo with Kigoma being the main port. This is a great starting point for visiting Gombe Stream National Park which has the longest running study of any wild animal group, in this case, chimpanzees, and means almost guaranteed sightings.Getting cheap flights to Tanzania is easy with Vayama. Many airlines have Tanzania flights all year round and using Vayama means you can search for the cheapest available. There are three international airports accepting flights to Tanzania giving you a wide choice of where to land depending on where you are staying and exploring. So give Vayama a try and fly to Tanzania very soon!

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