The land of the Great Wall, giant pandas and Peking duck

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China is a land full of mysteries, dynasties and a chequered past that includes communism, all- powerful emperors and great poverty. There was a time not so long ago when no Western tourist would or indeed could visit China. Now China is realising it can be part of the rest of the world and is embracing commercialism and tourism.

Many Westerners now want to discover the secrets of China and the airlines are waking up to this fact. Therefore many airlines fly to China, especially to the larger cities where there are international airports waiting to welcome visitors.

Do's and Don'ts in China

Did you know that in China giving a clock as a gift wrapped in white wrapping paper would be seen as wishing ill upon the recipient? It's true! Both clocks and white denote death in Chinese culture, but gifts like wine and cognac are often appreciated.

Many Western customs are well-known and even accepted in most of China; however, it is still good to know some basic Chinese etiquette for your travels out of respect. There are many superstitions in China that shape their etiquette, especially when it comes to gift-giving and dining. Those are just a few thoughts to take with you on your trip.

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