Cheap flights to Shanghai

Cheap Flights to Shanghai, China

Shanghai is both the largest city in China and in the world. Shanghai wasn’t always such a massive and important city; back in 18th century, it was just a fishing and textiles town. By the 19th century, its location on the coast made it an attractive port, and since then, Shanghai has been an up and coming city. Tourists flock to Shanghai for its historical landmarks, stunning architecture, flourishing nightlife and great shopping. Find out for yourself what makes Shanghai such a popular tourist destination by booking flights to Shanghai on Vayama. The best time of the year to get flights to Shanghai are during the spring and fall. Flights to Shanghai are less popular during the chilly winter and humid summer. Weather should not be the only factor taken into consideration when booking flights to Shanghai. The domestic tourism travel season can affect when you should book your flights to Shanghai as well. Some of the national holidays celebrated in Shanghai include the Chinese New Year, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival and National Day. If this is your first time purchasing flights to Shanghai, you probably won’t have time to see the entire city; Shanghai is a massive city filled with countless attractions. Some popular activities in Shanghai include having a drink at a tea house, taking a boat down the river and relaxing on Shanghai City Beach. Shanghai is well known for its architecture; make sure to visit The Bund to see Shanghai’s classic 1920s art deco buildings. Museums to add to your itinerary include the Shanghai Museum, the Urban Planning Museum, the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, the Shanghai Art Museum and the Shanghai Natural History Museum. If you’re looking to shop until you drop, you’ve come to the right place; check out Xinle Road, Changle Road, Anfu Road, Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Bazaar, Huaihai Road and Tian Zi Fang. If Shanghai sounds like the place where you want to spend your next vacation, then book your flights to Shanghai on Vayama today.

Transportation from Shanghai

Shanghai , the largest city in China is served by two airports: Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hong Qiao International Airport. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located at about 30 kms from the city center and the Hong Qiao International Airport is located at about 16 kms from the city center.The Yingbin road, which runs through the airport and Fareast road, respectively link to Shanghai’s outer and inner ring road. The outer ring road joins Pudong International Airport to Hong Qiao International Airport and takes a journey time of about one hour. Various modes of transportation such as buses , taxis , limos and train services are available from the airport to the city center. Option of self driving cars is also available, although most visitors choose to hire a car with a driver on daily or weekly basis.

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