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Nothing can prepare you for the wonder that is Indonesia so pack your bags and book your cheap flights to Indonesia with Vayama. Only then can you experience men walking over burning coals, watch a sunrise over a landscape of volcanoes, or come face to face with an orang-utan.Stretching from Sumatra near Thailand right the way to Papua near Australia, and encompassing more than 6,000 islands in between, the archipelago of Indonesia as a holiday destination offers more than you can imagine.It takes in the island of Bali, popular with honeymooners and party animals, Sumatra, lesser known but just as breathtaking, and Papua, an isolated yet vibrant island full of never-before-seen culture and tribes. The only way to realise your dream is by catching flights to Indonesia.The other main islands of Indonesia are Borneo, Java, and Sulawesi. The latter is where nature is at its most explosive and beautiful, full of deep gorges, highland lakes, and lush rainforests, not to mention an impressive array of wildlife such as the exotic sounding babirusa pig-deer.For those on flights to Indonesia for the first time, the variety of cultures and traditions can be overwhelming, but do not despair as the locals will be friendly and accommodating. Sticking to known holiday destinations, such as Java for city life or Bali for beach life, is a safe bet. But before embarking on your homeward flights Indonesia has a surprise for you – the stunning sight of a crater lake in the middle of a jungle in Lombok. It does require a hike though so get those walking boots at the ready.Take a deep breath and dive in to what will probably turn out to be the best decision of your life – booking flights to Indonesia with Vayama. There is much to explore and experience so take that first step and search for flights to Indonesia through Vayama. From then on, it is easy as Vayama is able to search out the most suitable and cheapest flights Indonesia bound for you to select. So go on, do it today!

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