Cheap flights to Jakarta

Cheap Flights to Jakarta, Indonesia

The bustle, noise and sheer verve of this capital of the fourth most populous nation in the world is going to make you want to take the next cheap flights to Jakarta sourced through Vayama. Jakarta bursts with life at every turn and offers a great alternative to the rest of Indonesia so is a perfect place to use as a base.This exciting city started out as a small harbour trading in spice in the 14th century but over time grew into a major seaport, and is now modern, thrilling and sometimes baffling. For travellers on flights to Jakarta it is their first stop in the archipelago of Indonesia and is a great place to delve into the culture of the country. Starting at the waterfront, where the city expanded, is a great place to orientate yourself. Stroll along the wharf which is just over a mile long and witness one of the only remaining commercial sailing fleets left in the world.For those landing from flights to Jakarta another highlight is the Old City with the Jakarta History Museum and the Puppet Museum. If you have children with you, a visit to Ragunan Zoo is a must where you can come face-to-face with Komodo dragons, Sumatran tigers and orang-utans.As you probably will not be able to visit all the islands once you have come in on your flights Jakarta gives you an alternative – the Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park. It stretches over 250 acres of land and offers a glimpse of the many islands of the archipelago including their musical instruments, traditional costumes, and the handicrafts unique to each region.Whether you remain in the capital after your flights to Jakarta have landed or head off to other islands, be assured that Vayama will do its utmost to search out the best deals on flights Jakarta bound for you and your fellow travellers. Why wait? Book your flights with Vayama today!

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