Cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur

Cheap Flights to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A whole variety of sights and sounds await the visitor to Kuala Lumpur. One minute you could be shedding your shoes to enter a Hindu shrine, the next you could be fascinated by the interior of a Chinese temple.The next day you might revel in the peacefulness of a leafy park, and then dance the night away at a rocking club. Certainly the flights Kuala Lumpur accommodates bring in tourists from all over the world to experience all the wonderful things that KL has to offer.The flights Kuala Lumpur offers are immense as the capital is extremely busy with air and road traffic. For international flights Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is the place to land. More than 50 international carriers use KLIA to connect flights Kuala Lumpur bound to most other continents.Once you have landed from your flight Kuala Lumpur is roughly 75km away but the KLIA Ekspres can whisk you into the centre in just 28 minutes. If you prefer to take a more private journey after your flight Kuala Lumpur taxi drivers will oblige with fairly cheap fares.For domestic flights Kuala Lumpur has Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, situated about 20km west of the city. Many of the flights Kuala Lumpur has leave from here to reach other parts of Malaysia. Before leaving on your homeward flight Kuala Lumpur can offer you the Golden Triangle. How can you resist such a name? The Golden Triangle is an area in the middle of the city which is the main district for shopping, business and nightlife.The biggest shopping malls are in this area along with bars, clubs and restaurants so you can shop ‘til you drop then rest your weary feet and revive yourself with a beer or tea. But shopping is not just restricted to shopping malls. Street markets and night markets (pasar malams) are a great source for finding typical Malay products.Batik fabric is widely available as well as good quality silverware and ceramics. The shape of Malay kites are derived from nature, however the decorations on them are unique to each individual kite maker. If you take one of these home on your flight Kuala Lumpur will remain in your memory as you relive your experiences by just looking at the kite, or hopefully flying it.Other products that are worth buying include leather puppets, masks that represent people, gods and demons, and Indian products such as silk saris and spices. There is a plethora of Chinese goods on sale too, from good luck charms to ceramics and antique furniture. For flights Kuala Lumpur has a whole range because it is the central hub of people leaving and arriving in Malaysia. All this could be confusing with so many flights Kuala Lumpur offers. Book your flights with Vayama today!

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