Cheap flights to Colombo

Cheap Flights to Colombo, Sri Lanka

Flying over the sparkling Indian Ocean into Sri Lanka would lift your heart at any time. The island is tropical, renowned for its spices and friendly people, and one of those places you want to return to. That is why so many people use the flights Colombo has to visit Sri Lanka, to see the capital and then maybe venture further afield to the glorious beaches and tea plantations. The flights Colombo can accommodate all of this and more so get ready for an adventure.Most visitors coming to Sri Lanka will use one of the flights Colombo has unless you are on a cruise. For international flights Colombo has Bandaranaike International Airport with many scheduled and charter flights Colombo bound landing there from all over the world.Once you have landed from your flight Colombo is 22 miles away to the south, which takes about 90 minutes by road. There are public buses that can take you there or if you prefer a more private time after your flight Colombo taxi drivers can accommodate you and your luggage.After your flight Colombo officials will present you with a visa that allows you to stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days. If you are planning to stay longer, it is best to sort it out with the embassy before taking any one of the flights Colombo bound.In days gone by, spices were so valuable that a handful of Sri Lankan cinnamon was worth more than a peasant’s annual wage! In fact there was stiff competition between European explorers in 1400 to be the first to find a sea route to Sri Lanka and reap the rewards of being a spice merchant. Luckily things have changed and now you can buy the spices of Sri Lanka such as cardamom, pepper, nutmeg and cloves at the Pettah area in Colombo for a reasonable price. When you take them home on your flight Colombo and all its smells will be revitalised in your own kitchen once you start cooking with them. Rice and curry are the main staples of the Sri Lankan diet, often accompanied by dhal and fried vegetables. There is a wide variety of curries available, all with the delicious spices of the island included.For a snack, choose a quick eat option such as a meat or vegetable patty. Eat as many as you like and you will be charged per plate. There are plenty of fresh fruit juices on offer and if you want to quench your thirst, try thambili, the milk of the king coconut. You cannot leave Sri Lanka however, without trying a cup of the world-famous tea such as Broken Orange Pekoe.Why wait? Book your flight now on!

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