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There seemed to be a time when pretty much everything had ‘Made in Taiwan' stamped on it so cheap flights to Taiwan were a steal. The country has certainly not lost its appetite for giving the best of itself, whether that be the warm hospitality of locals or the incredible diversity of the landscape. You too can be a part of it if you buy flights to Taiwan through Vayama.Diversity is the name of the game in Taiwan. One minute you can be seeking enlightenment in a temple, the next dipping into a hot spring, and the next trekking through thick jungle with a feast of flora and fauna surrounding you. This teardrop-shaped island off the coast of China is littered with night markets for a bargain so get on those flights to Taiwan as soon as possible.Just the name of Pingxi is enough to make you want to fly to Taiwan. Couple that with the most magical festival ever in the Lantern Festival which takes place over two weekends usually in February, and you are onto a winner. Thousands of sky lanterns are lit and float up into the night sky to create a spectacular sight.On the east coast is Taroko National Park and Taroko Gorge, one of the continent's most scenic areas, with towering walls of marble, a crystal clear river cutting through it and names such as the Eternal Spring Shrine, the Golden Canyon, and Swallow Grotto.Taiwan has many islands, one being Penghu which boasts glorious beaches, temple towns, and extraordinary rock formations formed from 17 million-year-old volcanic lava. It is also great for windsurfing as in the spring and autumn it is possibly the windiest place in the northern hemisphere.Vayama is giving you the best chance of grabbing the best deals on flights to Taiwan. Whether you are heading north into aboriginal hunting path country or south for snorkelling, search out those cheap flights to Taiwan through Vayama. It could not be easier to get lowdown prices on Taiwan flights with Vayama so give it a try today and see how much you can save.

Taiwanese Etiquette Tips

1. Dress Attire

DO wear conservative clothes, don’t reveal too much skin.

2. Table manners

DO eat with chopsticks.
DON'T put your chopsticks upright in your bowl.
DO talk with your mouth full. Slurping is also allowed.

3. Tipping

DO give tips to bell boys. It’s not normal to give tips in restaurants. If restaurants want a tip they will include it in the bill.

4. Body Gestures

DON'T embarrass Taiwanese people when with others. Asia is known for their fear of “loss of face”. This is taken very seriously, so take this in account.
DON'T use bad omens as a joke or statement. Only talk about death, diseases or disasters when you’re in a serious situation.
DON'T wear flip-flops or sandals, people will say this is the “farmers’ style”.
DON'T wave with your fingers up if you want somebody to come closer. It’s polite to wave with the fingers down.

5. Greetings

DON'T shake hands in a powerful and aggressive manor. It’s considered rude. Of course you can shake hands, but do it slow.
DO nod when you’re meeting men or women. Sometimes people don’t shake hands with the opposite sex,so nodding is a safe option.
DO take of your shoes when entering a house. It’s very impolite to leave your shoes on. Even when the hostess says it’s no problem to leave them on.

6. Business Meeting

DO wait until you are announced by a third party. Always wait before shaking hands as a guest.
DO shake hands when meeting men and women for business meetings.
DO keep in mind politeness is highly regard and direct conflict often avoided. The Taiwanese won’t say no immediately (even though they mean no). Instead possible answers would be: “we’ll try”, “yes” or “I understand”.

7. Gift Giving and Accepting Gifts

DO give a small gift when visiting someone’s residence. The best gifts are flowers, chocolates or biscuits.
DON'T give a clock as a gift. Clocks are associated with death and funerals and a clock as a gift can be seen as a sinister action.
DON'T give sharp gifts, like knives, scissors and cutting tools. These symbolize the “cutting of friendships”.
DON'T give an umbrella when someone’s leaving and it’s raining. It’s a bad omen to do so. Umbrella has the almost the same meaning as “to break apart”.
DO accept gifts with both hands.

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