Cheap flights to Phuket

Cheap Flights to Phuket, Thailand

The city of Phuket is located on an island that bears the same name in the country of Thailand. Phuket got its name from the Malay word “Bukit,” which means “hill." It's a very appropriate name for an island covered in rolling hills. Phuket is very popular amongst international tourists thanks to its beaches, night life and fine dining. To see if Phuket is as good as it sounds, book one of the several available flights to Phuket through The most popular months for people booking flights to Phuket are November, December, January, February, March and April. The reason these months are so popular is because they are the driest months of the year with the least humidity. That said, even if you can’t book flights to Phuket during high season, it is still possible to have a great vacation; don’t let the time of year stop you from booking flights to Phuket and enjoying yourself. It’s easy to find flights to Phuket through; grab a flight and find yourself tanning on one of the many beaches in Phuket before you know it. Some of the many beaches on Phuket Island include Patong, Kata, Kalim, Chalong, Nai Yang, Kamala, Mai Khao, Nui and Panwa. If you want to do more than get a great tan at the beach, you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking or boating. When you are done with the beaches, get your fill of history and religion by visiting the Heroines’ Monument, a monument erected in honor of two women who saved Phuket from being attacked by the Burmese in 1785; Thalang National Museum, a museum that will give you a nice overview of the culture, history and crafts of Phuket; and Wat Chalong, an old Buddhist temple. If you’d like to see some nature, visit the Sirinath National Marine Park, Phuket Aquarium and Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World. There are plenty of flights to Phuket available, so book one of these flights to Phuket on, and get ready for your wonderful Thai vacation.

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