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A seemingly endless coastline, some of the best cuisine in the world, and incredibly friendly inhabitants is what awaits those lucky enough to board flights to Vietnam in the near future. Make sure you are amongst the lucky few who get to experience emerald green mountain scenery and limestone islands at Halong Bay by booking cheap flights to Vietnam with Vayama. From tombs and Chinese temples to colonial architecture and ocean washed beaches, the country has a wide range of treasures to offer the visitor coming in on flights to Vietnam.

The culture is influenced by Indian and Hindu in the south, while Chinese connections flourish in the north. The country is developing at an amazing rate so get on board for an exciting ride. Hire a bike and whizz round Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park not forgetting to explore Paradise Cave, the longest dry cave in the world with its grand stalagmites and white crystal stalactites that look like glass pillars. The park also boasts the oldest karst mountains in Asia, dated at 400 million years old.Fly to Vietnam for spectacular diving around the Con Dao Islands, or mountain trekking up Fanispan, the highest peak standing at 3,143m. Accessible all year round to climb by well-equipped climbers, no ropes or specialist equipment are required, just determination and dedication.

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