Cheap flights to San Jose

Cheap Flights to San Jose, Costa Rica

All your Costa Rican eco-adventures begin in San Jose, the commercial capital and the transportation hub of Costa Rica. Travelers that book flights to San Jose de Costa Rica like to use the city as their main entry point and as a base to book and organize their Costa Rican eco-adventures. When booking flights to San Jose de Costa Rica travelers must bear in mind that the weather is warm and tropical all year around, with a rainy season from May to November. San José de Costa Rica is located in a high plateau and is surrounded with lush rainforests. Visitors booking flights to San Jose de Costa Rica should visit the following city highlights: the Museo de Oro Precolombino (the Pre-Colombian Gold Museum, for its collection of gold artifacts), the Museo del Jade (the Pre-Columbian Jade Museum, featuring the largest collection of native jade jewelry), the Museo de los Niños (The children's museum), the Museo Nacional (for its large butterfly garden and permanent pre-Columbian exhibition), the Zoológico Simón Bolivar (a zoo with the country’s most representative animals). Another good reason to book flights to San Jose de Costa Rica is to explore the Mercado Central (Central Market, a great place to sample tropical fruits and to eat in small casual restaurants serving hearty local cuisine). Travelers arriving on flights to San Jose de Costa Rica can book several day trips to the rain forest on the outskirts of the city, including a visit to a butterfly farm, volcano hikes, coffee farm tours, canopy tours and white water rafting. Discover the capital of eco-adventure when you book flights to San Jose de Costa Rica.

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