Cheap flights to Mexico City

Cheap Flights to Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a place where the ancient and the modern interact every day. The city is home to ancient ruins from the Aztec empire that stand side by side with Spanish churches dating back to the time of the Spanish colonization and shining modern new buildings made of glass and steel. The city is a vibrant and lively one; more than 21 million people live in the 16 boroughs of Mexico City. In Mexico City, you’ll find amazing cuisine, shopping, museums, nightlife and history. To experience all that Mexico City has to offer, book your flights to Mexico City on Vayama. Flights to Mexico City are most popular during the summer. However, there is never a bad time to book flights to Mexico City as the weather remains quite pleasant throughout the entire year. September and December are also busy months to get flights to Mexico City thanks to the Mexican Independence Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Booking your flights to Mexico City will allow you to explore its many historic sites. Make sure to visit the historic center of Mexico City, commonly known as the Centro or Centro Histórico. Here you’ll find the Zócalo, one of the largest plazas in the world. The Palacio Nacional, Cathedral Metropolitana, the Templo Mayor archaeological site and Nacional Monte de Piedad are all located here. If you’re into shopping, then pat yourself on the back for getting flights to Mexico City, a city filled with an immense variety of retail shopping. There are several large shopping centers located throughout the city including the Santa Fé mall, Plaza Universidad, Galerías Coapa, Pabellón Polanco, Plaza Lindavista and Plaza Satélite. For luxury shopping, check out Antara Polanco, Avenida Altavista, Avenida Presidente Masaryk and Col. Del Valle. Once you’ve sated your shopping lust, educate yourself by visiting one of the 150 museums in the city, which include the National Museum of Art, Colección Jumex, Museum of Remembrance and Tolerance, Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Anthropology and History. Experience all of this and more by booking your flights to Mexico City today.

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