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The crucial link between North and South America, Panama has long been associated with its canal but if you choose flights to Panama you will discover beautiful beaches, indigenous tribes, lush rainforests, and isolated islands. The best way to start your tour of discovery is with cheap flights to Panama from Vayama.This stretch of land has seen migrations back and forth – firstly of flora and fauna and then a mixture of people, culminating in a rich cultural heritage that blooms with an amazing array of species. There are more than 200 species of mammals and 950 different types of birds, such as toucans and brightly coloured macaws.The country is awash with national parks protecting the diverse landscape. Once you fly to Panama make your way to either Parque Nacional Soberania for bird-watching or Parque Nacional Darien, the most ecologically varied park in Central America, for the chance to spot spider monkeys or gray foxes.You cannot enter this country on flights to Panama and not visit the Panama Canal. Known as the world’s greatest shortcut linking the Atlantic with the Pacific, it is a splendid feat of engineering cutting through rock and land for 50 miles. Surrounding the canal area is a large amount of rainforest so it is also a great place to see some interesting wildlife.Many travellers on flights to Panama head for the archipelago of Bocos del Toro which has a distinct Caribbean feel, sun-bleached sands, and crystal clear water. Many water sports are available and, as there is everywhere in the country, the chance to mingle with wildlife. Isla San Cristobal is home to the Ngobe community and you can go there on a day trip to see how traditional tribes live.There are two international airports servicing Panama flights so opt for either Tocumen International Airport outside Panama City or Aeropuerto Enrique Malek near David, close to the Costa Rican border. Cheap flights to Panama can be bought at any time and with great ease through Vayama and is really the only way to go. Check out the variations on flights to Panama now and get organising!

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