Cheap flights to Panama City

Cheap Flights to Panama City, Panama

Panama City is the capital of Panama and one of the most modern cities in Central America. Most travelers book flights to Panama City to admire the Panama Canal (one of the engineering marvels of the world). Panama City’s Spanish colonial old town Casco Antiguo is a UNESCO world heritage site. Travelers booking flights to Panama will find a modern city of luxury skyscrapers with a lush tropical forest within its limits. Flights to Panama City can be booked all year round as the weather is tropical. Travelers arriving on flights to Panama City should visit the following sites: The Panama Canal (head to Miraflores locks and watch huge cargo boats go by. Another way to enjoy the Canal Zone is to take a train along its entire length, all the way to the Caribbean coast.), Casco Viejo (for its old Spanish colonial buildings), Panama Viejo (the ruins of the original city, sacked by the pirate Henry Morgan in the 1600s) and the Amador Causeway (the causeway connects three islands to the mainland and offers lovely views of the skyline.). Another great reason to book flights to Panama City is to enjoy its world class nightlife and tropical beaches. A great day trip from Panama City is a visit to the San Blas islands, on the Caribbean side on the country. The islands offer beautiful palm tree lined beaches and indigenous tribes living traditionally. Many travelers also book their flights to Panama to enroll in Spanish language schools and to take salsa dancing lessons. Explore one of the most interesting countries in Central America when you book flights to Panana City.

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