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There is much more to Belgium than just good chocolate, tasty beer and mussels. The art history of Belgium alone is enough to tempt visitors time and time again as well as the 60 or so World Heritage sites, so give Belgium a go. Most of the tourists who have been to Belgium are eager to return, so be one of them and get a feel for the place.

Brussels aside, Belgium is littered with beautiful cities that are just waiting to be explored. Bruges, in the north of Belgium and not far from the coast, has canals to match Amsterdam, and cobbled lanes leading to pretty market squares. It can get incredibly crowded so aim to go midweek out of season if you can to enjoy its magic without being crushed at every turn.

Ghent, in Western Flanders, also has a medieval feel with the added bonus of top quality museums such as the Design Museum, the Industrial Archaeology Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The canals in Ghent are just as picturesque as Bruges and there is a 12th century castle to admire. Also tourists have not cottoned on so much to this city so go there while it is still relatively peaceful.

One of the great cities in the southern part of Belgium is Liege with its many religious masterpieces in the form of churches, three major museums, and a curious underground stream. Ypres is the city in Belgium where WWI is most remembered due to about 30,000 Allied soldiers perishing there on the front line. The Flanders Fields Museum gives a detailed insight into the atrocity.

Belgium has two distinct halves, not so much the North/South divide, more the Dutch-speaking half versus the French-speaking half. Flanders is the north part of Belgium where Dutch is the first language. Wallonia in southern Belgium is French orientated and has a more rural feel with the best things to experience being cave exploring, outdoor activities and nature reserves.

They are proud of their art history that reaches back to the 15th century with the Flemish Primitives. But true to form, it is not all classical stuff; comic strips are held in high esteem by adults as well as children, Tintin being the most famous, as well as the blue Smurfs.

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Belgian Etiquette Tips

Family is one of the most important
things in a Belgian's life. So, if you want to
make a good impression, then always remember to
include children in what you do. When entering
a room, shake everyone's hand, including the children.
If visiting a Belgian's home, you should not only
bring your hosts a gift, but you should also bring
a little gift for their children, such as some

Belgian culture is very unique in that different
regions have different cultures and customs.
Northern Belgium is primarily Dutch influenced,
Southern Belgium is mostly influenced by France,
and the Northeast is mostly influenced by Germany.
Below are some general etiquette tips that are
applicable to all of Belgium.

1. Dress Attire

  1. DO dress
    conservatively.2. DO wear dark, conservative
    suits with white shirts and silk ties
    to a business function, if you are a man.
    Men should wear laced-up shoes, not loafers.
    Business suits or a blouse and skirt are
    acceptable for women. Shoes should always
    be polished.

2. Table Manners

  1. **DON'T **put your elbows
    on the table, but do keep your hands on
    the table and not in your lap.
  2. DO allow the host to
    give the first toast. The guest of honor
    is expected to give a toast later.
  3. DO finish all the food
    on your plate. Not doing so is considered
    wasteful and impolite.
  4. DO place
    your knife and fork at the 5:25 position once you are full to indicate
    that you are done eating.

3. Tipping

  1. DON'T feel obligated
    to tip. A service charge is usually included.
    However, if the service was very good,
    you may round up your tip or leave a few
    extra Euros, but no more than 10%.

4. Gift Giving and Accepting Gifts

  1. DO open your gift upon
    receiving it.
  2. DON'T give expensive
  3. DON'T give chrysanthemums.
    They are associated with death.4. DON'T give alcohol
    unless you are giving it to a close friend.
  4. DO give
    flowers in odd numbers, except for unlucky number 13.

5. Body Gestures

  1. DON'T snap your fingers.
  2. DON'T
    slap someone on the back. It's considered offensive.
  3. DO remember that the
    "OK" sign means zero in Belgium.

6. Greetings

  1. DO shake hands with all who are present, including children.2. DO shake hands again when leaving.3. DO exchange cheek kisses
    with a friend you know well. Start with
    the left cheek, then kiss the right, then
    back to the left. However, men don't kiss
    other men. They always just exchange handshakes.

7. Language Etiquette

  1. DO understand that
    German, Dutch, and French are all widely
    spoken in Belgium.<?
  2. DO speak
    English if you are unsure of which language is spoken in the region you
    are in.

8. Visitors Etiquette

  1. DON'T ask your hosts
    for a tour of their house.2. DO bring flowers or
    nice chocolate for the hosts, and bring
    something for your host's children, such
    as candy.
  2. DO arrive
    on time. It shows respect.

9. Business Meeting

  1. DON'T remove your jacket
    during a meeting.
  2. DO be punctual! If
    you are running late, call immediately
    with an explanation. Lateness sends a
    message of unreliability.3. DO expect the first
    meeting to primarily be for getting acquainted
    and developing a trusting relationship.
    However, don't forget that business meetings
    are still very formal affairs.4. DON'T call a Belgian
    businessperson at home, unless there is
    an emergency.
  3. DON'T bring a gift.
    It's not customary to exchange gifts at
    business meetings in Belgium.6. DON'T try to schedule
    a meeting in July and August, which is
    when many Belgians take vacations. The
    week before Easter and the time between
    Christmas and New Year's should also be
  4. DON'T be
    confrontational. Belgians appreciate subtlety.

Although the above list of etiquette may seem
daunting at first, bear in mind that many parts
of Belgium, particularly in large cities, are
used to tourists. Nevertheless, respect the
country you are in and its people. Blend in
a bit by following their customs, and have a
wonderful trip to Belgium!

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