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With a land area that is one third mountainous, a 300 mile long Black Sea coast, and 10 nature parks, a visit on cheap flights to Bulgaria is going to involve some sort of outside enjoyment. With hiking opportunities round every corner and undiscovered coves along the coastline, you are sure to find at least one activity to enjoy.Bulgaria offers many links to the distant past, from ancient tombs to scattered remains of the Ottoman Empire. Yet it is not all dusty museums and historical relics. There is fantastic ski-ing in the southwest, divine wine tasting in Melnik, and beaches hardly touched by human invasion. But the only way to discover those delights at knockdown prices is to buy flights to Bulgaria through Vayama. Only then will you be able to find out more about Plovdiv, the country’s most laidback city, or dive into the Black Sea at Varna, one of the more popular resorts.Most travellers on flights Bulgaria bound land just outside the capital, Sofia, and head there for relaxation in Sofia City Garden, or culture at the Archaeological Museum. It is possible to take a day trip from there to Rila Monastery, one of Bulgaria’s most famous sites.Other places to enjoy from your flights to Bulgaria are the former capital, Veliko Tarnovo with the best ruined citadel in the country, sleepy Vidin in the northwest with the impressive Iskar Gorge, and Belogradchik, strange carvings of red rock that look uncannily like angry giants. About 20 miles north is Magura Cave, reached after an hours’ walk past stalagmites, with the prize of 4,500-year-old rock drawings at the end.Less touristy than neighbouring Romania, Bulgaria has a charm all of its own. To find out more, hunt down great deals on prices for flights to Bulgaria from Vayama!

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