Cheap flights to Copenhagen

Cheap Flights to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a delightful city that has all the features of a major urban zone but is still small enough to give off the impression of a little town. Tourists love visiting Copenhagen for its historic buildings, great shopping, charming architecture, lovely beaches and Danish cuisine. Visit this “friendly old girl of a town” by booking your flights to Copenhagen on

Flights to Copenhagen are popular during the spring. Spring usually starts sometime in early May, and it’s a pleasant time of year, with residents and tourists alike celebrating the end of the winter. Flights to Copenhagen are especially in demand over the summer when the weather is at its nicest, and the days are at their longest. By the time fall and winter come by, flights to Copenhagen become easier to find due to the dark and the cold, although flights to Copenhagen will always be popular come Christmastime.

Flights to Copenhagen will bring you to a city filled with world-class museums; visit the National Museum, the National Gallery, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, the Cisterns Museum of Modern Glass Art and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Music lovers will enjoy taking in a show or two at the Copenhagen Concert Hall, Copenhagen Opera House, Royal Danish Theatre and Vega. Copenhagen is home to two of the oldest amusement parks in the world: Tivoli Gardens and Dyrehavsbakken. Tivoli Gardens opened up in 1843, and it is the most popular seasonal amusement park in the world.

Copenhagen is a gourmet’s dream come true with its 13 Michelin starred restaurants and excellent traditional Danish food such as Danish pastries, open sandwiches and beer. Shoppers should check out Strøget, Magasin du Nord, Illums, Fields, Pisserenden, Vesterbrogade, Tullinsgade and Elmegade. A great way to see Copenhagen is to cycle through it; Copenhagen has lots of bike paths and offers free public city bikes. If Copenhagen sounds like a delightful vacation spot, then book your flights to Copenhagen on today.

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