Cheap flights to Tallinn

Cheap Flights to Tallinn, Estonia

One of the better known capitals in Eastern Europe, Tallinn mixes it up by combining glass and chrome modernism with a medieval angle to give all those who take flights to Tallinn a real treat. For another treat, use Vayama to find you the cheapest flights to Tallinn that are available so you too can enjoy the two sides of the city. You will not be disappointed when you take your flights Tallinn bound.Situated near the tip of the country, Tallinn's coast is washed by the Gulf of Finland and being so close to the Scandinavian country means most of the population is closely related to the Finns. The Old Town, Vanalinn, is the heart of the city, and will probably be the first place you will visit after your flights to Tallinn have touched down.Fly to Tallinn for medieval feasts, sampling wine in cosy cellars, and venturing out into the neighbourhoods for fantastic museums and sprawling parks. A great way to see the city is on a rented bike, and regular cycling tours take place throughout the year, pointing out the highlights.One of the most photographed places in Tallinn is Raekoja plats, the central plaza, buzzing with life whatever the weather. The Gothic town hall on the square is the last remaining of its kind in Northern Europe, built between 1371 and 1404, and is a spectacular sight.Head to Kadriorg Park to see a gorgeous palace that houses the Kadriorg Art Museum, alongside KUMU, a futuristic-looking award-winning building that contains the largest display of Estonian art. The delightfully named Pirita tee has a beach and promenade, and during the summer, the sunsets at midnight are a joy to behold.For cheap flights to Tallinn use Vayama to get the best possible prices on flights Tallinn bound. Only Vayama can provide you with a range of prices and airlines to choose from so you can see you are getting the best deal on flights to Tallinn. All you have to do is pick the best flights to Tallinn for you and away you go!

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