Explore a castle in Germany.

Cheap Flights to Germany

It might not be the first country you think of when planning your summer holiday but Germany is surprisingly versatile with gorgeous cities, a countryside that stretches for miles, and a lively coastline battered by both the North and the Baltic Seas. There are also over 30 World Heritage sites in Germany for you to enjoy.

Visitors flock to Germany for the fascinating culture, well-documented history, plus the beer and delicious sausages! Germany is a place that can be visited throughout the year, with ski-ing available as well as beach holidays, hiking through forests, and warming yourself up with Gluhwein on a bitter winter’s night in a city square in Germany.

German Etiquette Tips

If you are at a pub in Germany and you see a brass plaque on the table, don't sit there! The plaque marks the table as “Stammtisch.” That means that table is where a regular group of drinkers sit. Tables without the plaque, however, are meant to be shared, so have a seat and order a beer! Enjoy your trip (and the beer!) but do keep in mind some basic etiquette guidelines for your trip to Germany.

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