Cheap flights to Dusseldorf

Cheap Flights to Dusseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf is Germany’s seventh most populous city and one of the most important economic capitals of Western Germany and Europe. Most travelers who book flights to Düsseldorf use it as a hub to connect to over 175 European destinations. Located on the Rhyme River, Düsseldorf’s modern architecture and its beautifully restored old-town make it a very attractive tourist destination. Therefore a stopover in Düsseldorf is highly recommended. Düsseldorf has a long tradition as a trade show center. Many travelers book flights to Düsseldorf for the yearly fashion and boat maker’s shows at Messe Düsseldorf, the city’s premier trade show venue. Visitors who book their flights to Düsseldorf for the summer months, will find that the locals enjoy afternoon strolls along the Rhine River and lively evenings in traditional beer gardens. Düsseldorf’s old town features ‘the longest bar in the world’, a street lined with beer halls and pubs that is very popular with locals and visitors alike. Another reason to book flights to Düsseldorf is to explore its modern architecture, with some buildings designed by famous American architect Frank Gehry. A lot of business travelers book flights to Düsseldorf to visit and work in the Düsseldorf-Hafen district (Media Harbor). This riverfront district houses a number of TV and radio stations as well as several new media companies. The iconic Rheinturm Tower is nearby, the tallest structure in the city. It features a revolving restaurant and a viewing platform, perfect for spectacular panoramic views, particularly at sunset. If a child approaches you in Düsseldorf and does a cartwheel, it’s customary to give him a coin; there is even a statue of a cart-wheeling child in the old town. Discover one of the most dynamic cities in Europe when you book flights to Düsseldorf on

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