Cheap flights to Munich

Cheap Flights to Munich, Germany

Munich is the third largest city in Germany and has been voted one of the most livable cities in the world. Munich is the capital of the Bavarian region. The locals refer to it as the ‘Bavarian Free State’ for its unique character within Germany. Most visitors book their flights to Munich to experience Oktoberfest. But Munich is a cultural powerhouse, with museums that rival many in Europe. Travelers that book flights to Munich will find a city that has worked hard to preserve the way it looked in the 1800’s. As with many German cities, Munich was heavily damaged during World War II, but its old buildings have been painstakingly restored or reconstructed using the original plans. Munich is also one of the most prosperous cities in Germany. Business travelers book flights to Munich to visit and work in the many high tech industries based in the city, including car maker BMW and electronics giant Siemens. When you book your flight to Munich, bear in mind that it is a huge city, so focus on exploring its different districts. A good start would be a traditional Bavarian Beer Hall, the most famous one in the city is Hofbräuhaus am Platzl. In the summer Bavarian Beer Gardens abound, usually set under chestnut trees, they become the social center of the city, with people of all ages congregating there to sample traditional Bavarian food and drink. When you book flights to Munich for Oktoberfest, make sure you book your place at one of the ‘Beer Tents’. Every large brewery in the city has one and offer online reservations. Proud Bavarians still like to wear their traditional Lederhosen during Oktoberfest. Tourists can get fitted with Bavarian traditional gear in most tourist shops downtown. Discover the most dynamic city in Germany when you book flights to Munich.

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