Cheap flights to Athens

Cheap Flights to Athens, Greece

It may be full of traffic and it may be the city that never sleeps but Athens explodes with antiquities on every corner, a wonderful cuisine and people that welcome you at every turn. It is so popular that many of the flights Athens welcomes are crowded with tourists who want a taste of this city caught between two continents.Many people who use the flights Athens are only on a stopover to carry on to the many Greek Islands that dot the Aegean Sea and where lots of people choose to holiday. But give Athens a chance!Greece actually has 16 international airports. However for scheduled flights Athens, Crete, Rhodes and Thassaloniki are the only ones who take those. The vast majority of flights Athens handles is crucial as it is seen as the gateway to the rest of the mainland and the islands.Once you have got off your flight, Athens has a lot of must visits like the famous Acropolis, cafes to wile away the time or use your time for shopping. This normally means a trip to the flea market on a Sunday which covers the area of Plateia Monastirakiou and across to Ermou.Even if you only plan to stay a few days and will then be off on another flight Athens flea market is a must. It covers pretty much anything from trash to treasure, wigs, tyres, sweets, and binoculars. You could pick up a bargain.For more traditional handicrafts, try some popular Greek sandals handmade by a well known sandal maker and poet, or in the Centre of Hellenic Tradition there are traditional sculptures, ceramics, and handicrafts that come from all over Greece. You can buy something to take home so you can remember your Greek holiday.The taverna is the traditional type of restaurant with paper tablecloths, bread in a basket and good wholesome dishes. Walk around and seek out a taverna where the locals eat. You will get a much more authentic meal this way.Traditional dishes include moussaka, souvlaki and cabbage rolls filled with mince and rice. For lighter bites, try the mezedhes, small starter dishes to share like taramasalata, meatballs and chunks of sausage.These flights Athens has come in all sorts of differing price ranges. Use Vayama for flights to Athens now!

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