Cheap flights to Reykjavik

Cheap Flights to Reykjavik, Iceland

It is the contrasts that make Reykjavik so enticing. Constant daylight during the summer, constant darkness in the winter; a treasured Viking past with locals always looking to the future; a city with a sometimes village feel that exudes modern city trappings.If you take flights to Reykjavik you are travelling to the most northerly capital in the world. But with its small but perfectly formed population, the city never feels crowded. This is great for the casual traveller on flights to Reykjavik who crave all the home comforts but not the jostling for space at bars and in hotels. You can find peace and tranquillity there so hop on some flights to Reykjavik before everyone else does.There are more flights to Reykjavik than ever before as the country has opened up hugely and welcomes tourism with open arms. It is seen as a quirky, edgy place to visit so flights to Reykjavik are very sought after.Book with Vayama to make sure you grab the best deals on flights to Reykjavik as the company endeavours to search out the most suitable offers at the lowest prices. The main airport is Keflavik International Airport, and once you have landed there from your flights Reykjavik is approximately 35 miles away. For some flights Reykjavik Domestic Airport is used but whichever you decide, make Vayama your choice of travel agent.Between the middle of May and July, Reykjavik enjoys round-the-clock daylight and all the inhabitants go a little scatty! Having survived the long, harsh winter it is a time to socialise...all night. This is especially true on Fridays and Saturdays with the runtur, basically a pub crawl that lasts all night. If you are not up to it, then do not forget your ear plugs or eye shades if you want some sleep!Other delights to indulge in during the long hours of sunlight include a visit to Hallgrimskirkja and its 75m tower that offers stunning views of the landscape. Or how about a horse ride under the midnight sun or a dip in one of the geothermal pools? Then there might just be time to fit in a visit to the Volcano Show or go puffin or whale watching.

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