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If you are into music, vast sweeps of green lush land, and the chance to make a friend or two, then do not hesitate to grab some cheap flights with Vayama to Ireland. It is the place to be, come summer or winter, whether it is cosying up against the fire in a local pub in Cork or exploring the rocky coasts along the Dingle Peninsula, those flights to Ireland are calling you.

A land of magic and mystery, Ireland has been a country enjoyed by visitors for centuries on flights to Ireland. There is a rich cultural seam sewn into the very landscape whichever part you visit, from the bars and nightlife of Dublin to the passage graves in Newgrange, dating from 3,200 BC, or Blarney Castle where you can kiss the Blarney Stone to be blessed with the gift of the gab.

Southeast Ireland, with the draw of the Wicklow Mountains and plenty of fine beaches, is one of the most popular areas for those landing from flights to Ireland. The beach at Rosslare is an incredible six miles long and there are plenty of golf courses nearby for those who like to dabble in the sport.

The Lakes of Killarney, within a national park, are another pull for the scenery, horse riding opportunities, and chance to visit atmospheric ruined castles. Close by is the Ring of Kerry, a 112 mile drive through captivating scenery along with pub stops and gourmet restaurants to finish off each day.

Glenveagh National Park and Castle offers breathtaking views of Errigal Mountain, the tallest peak in the area, as well as a visit to the forebodingly named Poisoned Glen, a marshy valley surrounded by cliffs.

A whiskey tour is something not to be missed after you have used the flights Ireland has. But that is getting ahead of yourself. Start by doing something very straightforward - book flights to Ireland with Vayama for lowdown prices and easy-to-follow instructions. It's really that simple and soon those cheap flights to Ireland could be yours!

Irish Etiquette Tips

Ireland is a very friendly place to visit, with fairly relaxed etiquette. However, there are a few topics to steer clear of when socializing and there some specific table manners that are considered polite, so read up on some Irish etiquette below!

1. Dress Attire

  1. DO dress modestly, if you wish to blend in. Bright colors aren't typically worn in Ireland. Subdued colors, tweed, and wool are more common.
  2. DO wear a suit for business meetings. Women wear skirts and dresses more often than pants.

2. Table Manners

  1. DO use the small plate next to your dinner plate for the peelings of boiled potatoes.
  2. DO eat everything served to you if eating at someone's home.
  3. DON'T refuse a drink unless you absolutely must. It could be considered

3. Tipping

  1. DO tip at least 10% at a restaurant. A tip will usually be included in the bill for bigger groups.
  2. DO tip hotel porters 1 Euro a bag.3. DO round up to the next Euro when paying a taxi driver.

4. Gift Giving and Accepting Gifts

  1. DON'T give expensive or flashy gifts.
  2. DON'T give lilies, which are for religious occasions. Avoid giving red and white flowers, which symbolize death.3. DO politely refuse a gift when it's first offered. When giving a gift to someone, expect them to do the same.

5. Greetings

  1. DO shake hands with everyone present upon meeting, and maintain eye contact. Shake hands again upon leaving.

6. Visitors Etiquette

  1. DO bring a little something for your hosts, such as flowers, chocolate, cheese, or wine.

7. Business Meeting

  1. DO try to have a third party to initiate business.
  2. DO be on time, but don't expect your Irish colleagues to be punctual.
  3. DO exchange business cards.
  4. DO practice your golf skills beforehand! Business is often conducted on the golf course.
  5. DO be patient. Long-term planning and agenda-following are rare.

8. Socializing and Conversation

  1. DO be friendly. When walking around small towns and villages, it's common to say “hello” to everyone you pass by.
  2. DON'T confuse Ireland with England. The Irish are proud of their cultural differences with England, so steer clear of making any comments that could be seen as offensive.
  3. DON'T discuss religion. It's a very sensitive subject to many Irish.

9. Pub Etiquette

  1. DO ask for a glass of something if you want a half-pint, though pints are more the norm.
  2. DO understand that asking for a “drop” of something (i.e. whiskey) means that you're actually asking for a glass of it, not simply a drop!
  3. DO buy drinks for people. If someone has done you a favor, ask the bartender to send over a drink. They don't have to tell who it's from. It's also common to buy drinks for musicians playing in a pub.4. DO learn the Irish system of buying ‘rounds’. It’s considered rude to leave the pub before buying everyone in your ‘round’ a drink.

Although Ireland is a very laid-back place to visit, you'll blend in much better if you know a bit about their etiquette. So leave the loud clothes at home, pack some tweed clothing, and be prepared to have a pint or two. Have a wonderful trip to Ireland.

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