Cheap flights to Riga

Cheap Flights to Riga, Latvia

Those fortunate enough to be on flights to Riga to experience the soaring spires and twisting alleyways of the Latvian capital will be so glad they did. You could be one of those lucky people if you opt for cheap flights to Riga with Vayama.Riga evokes a magical quality combined with some of the best art nouveau architecture in Europe. Old Riga, strung along the banks of the Daugava River, is separated from the central part by plenty of parkland, and both places are great to wander around, once you have landed from your flights to Riga.Radiating out from the heart of the city are many boulevards littered with more than 750 buildings of architectural splendour. If you want a concentration of gargoyles, get on flights Riga bound as soon as you can! Then there is the massive Dome Cathedral to marvel at, the biggest church in the Baltic region, which contains the fourth largest organ in the world.Mingle among the locals at the Central Market, and gather up enough tempting goodies for a great picnic in one of the parks. For some great views of the city, scale the heights of St Peter's Lutheran Church, thought to be over 800 years old. A great place to try out some beer and food is Livu Laukums, a square bordered by lively restaurants and beer halls. There is a tiny fairytale castle called Small Guild and the Cat House, named because a figure of a black cat sits on top of the roof.To experience a thriving cultural life, top quality nightlife and enough history to keep you going for a while, grab hold of some cheap flights to Riga through Vayama. By buying flights Riga bound from Vayama, you can be assured of ease of booking, 100% safety during payment, and a smooth transaction, plus the online travel company can seek out the best deals on flights to Riga at any time of year. What is not to like!

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