Cheap flights to Skopje

Cheap Flights to Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje is the Capital of the Republic of Macedonia and the largest city in the country. Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Travelers that book flights to Skopje will find a mix of Balkan and Mediterranean cultures and a legacy of many empires. Roman ruins dot the countryside and beautiful Ottoman mosques share the city with onion domed Orthodox churches. The local dialect is Macedonian, with Albanian and other languages also spoken with street signs in Cyrillic. When you book flights to Skopje, be prepared to enter a country unlike any in Europe. Even though Skopje features all the modern conveniences found in most European capitals, it is easy to stumble upon a 2000 year old Roman aqueduct or a medieval stone bridge leading to an old Bazaar. Book flights to Skopje and explore its old quarter, the life of the town has been centered on the old bazaar since medieval times. It was the point of contact between the Ottoman and Christian populations. When you book your flight to Skopje make sure you visit the Kale Fortress, it offers the best views of the city and the entire Skopje valley. The fortress was originally built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian and expanded during the Ottoman rule. Another Justinian project is Skopje’s Stone Bridge, still in use to this day. Another Ottoman legacy are Skopje’s medieval Hamams (Turkish Baths), there is one in the old Bazzar. They are currently used as art galleries and for special events, but a visit is recommended to admire the Ottoman decorative details inside and outside the buildings. When you book flights to Skopje, leave room on your itinerary to explore the countryside. It is dotted with monasteries and quaint villages that haven’t changed much in over 2000 years. The mountains around Skopje also offer excellent hiking options and a chance to see the slower pace of life in this corner of the Balkans. Discover the best kept secret of the Balkans when you book your flights to Skopje on Vayama.

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