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Portugal is full of sunshine, sea and sand, with a lot more in between, from quaint villages and ancient churches to rolling hills and arid plains. Portugal is a place to explore at a leisurely pace, drinking in all of the sights and sounds of Portugal while taking time to appreciate the countryside and people. Visitors and sun seekers have been flocking to Portugal for more than fifty years, since the upsurge in foreign holidays. Not only is Portugal beautiful, but the great weather makes it ideal to visit from early spring to late autumn.

The coastline of Portugal is almost 1,800km long with all of it along the Atlantic Ocean. The whole of Portugal covers an area of 92,000 sq km and is the most south westerly country in Europe. Portugal shares a border with just one other country – Spain – and this is one of the longest and most established border in Europe. For a relatively small country, Portugal has an amazingly diverse landscape with rivers, forests, arid areas, vast olive, orange and cork groves, and mountains. The main industry of Portugal is tourism though the majority of the population are involved in agriculture in some way.

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