Cheap flights to Lisbon

Cheap Flights to Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and its financial and cultural center. Travelers that book flights to Lisbon will find a traditional city of 18th century building with great seafood, wonderful young wines (Vinho Verde) and soulful Fado music. When you book flights to Lisbon you can experience Portugal’s rich nautical past, visit the Belem tower, built to celebrate Portuguese discoveries. The city is on an estuary facing the Atlantic Ocean and features a bridge over the Tejo river designed by the same firm that built the San Francisco – Oakland Bridge. Other similarities with San Francisco are Lisbon’s cool maritime climate and hilly neighborhoods. Take a tram to the Upper Barrio for a bit of local flavor and ride the neo-Gothic Santa Justa Lift for the best views of Lisbon. Ferries criss-cross the bay, taking commuters from Lisbon to the suburbs on the other side of the Tejo River. Flights to Lisbon can be booked all year round as Lisbon offers mild winters and warm springs and summers. In 1998, many visitors booked their flights to Lisbon for the World Expo. It featured a maritime theme, reflecting Lisbon’s rich nautical heritage. A new bridge over the Tejo river was built and the expo buildings have now been converted into a museum. When you book your flights to Lisbon, it pays to plan your visit well, as the old city can seem confusing to first time visitors due to its many hills and narrow alleyways. Start your Lisbon explorations by the waterfront, in the Baixa (dowton) at the Praça do Comércio,a beautiful 18th century square. Take one of Lisbon’s iconic trams to the Bairro Alto. This hilltop neighborhood is the center of nightlife and youth culture in the city. Don’t miss Belem, Lisbon’s most historical parishes. It was here where Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama and others embarked to discover and trade during Portugal’s age of Discovery. Book your flights to Lisbon on Vayama and discover one of the most charming destinations in Europe.

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