Cheap flights to Moscow

Cheap Flights to Moscow, Russia

From extreme temperatures to extreme history, Moscow is never going to fail to excite or entrance any visitor. So for a holiday that is a bit out of the ordinary, book your flights to Moscow today. Then you can plan which of the many available attractions you are going to visit or maybe decide on a special interest tour of the Kremlin or the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.Whichever type of holiday you fancy, make sure you buy your flights to Moscow through Vayama for value for money and speed of service. Then your flights to Moscow will set you on a path to somewhere, the like of which you may never have seen before.With the best-known landmarks all within a mile of Red Square, reaching them will not wear your legs out. Red Square is a good starting point, a huge expanse that comes alive on New Year’s Eve when it becomes packed with jubilant people, celebrating. St Basil’s Cathedral was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible and originally consisted of eight different chapels. The sight of the domes alone, with their brightly coloured tiles, are worth it as is the iconostasis, a screen full of icons in front of the alter in the Cathedral of the Intercession.Allow a few hours to visit the Kremlin, a large area containing such nuggets as the Kremlin Towers, Poteshny Palace, and Cathedral Square. If you are at all squeamish, it would be best to avoid Lenin’s Mausoleum, where you can view the embalmed body of the first Soviet leader.August is a great time to catch flights to Moscow because the high humidity means many people stay away, so flights to Moscow are cheaper. So is the accommodation, with some hotels dropping their rates by 50 percent. If you use Vayama for your flights to Moscow you will be in for a similar treat as the online travel agent can find the best deals for you on flights to Moscow. On international flights to Moscow you are likely to land at Domodedovo airport. On disembarkation from your flights Moscow is a 50 minute ride away if you take the Aeroexpress train that runs frequently.

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