Cheap flights to Belgrade

Cheap Flights to Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade was one of the most important cities in the former Yugoslavia, and the same is true now that it is the capital of Serbia. It is placed in a strategic position within Europe, situated between Western Europe and the countries of Turkey and Greece.This means flights to Belgrade are numerous and frequent. Many visitors are experiencing the pull of Serbia so flights to Belgrade can get full fast. To ensure you get on the flights to Belgrade that you want at a good price, use Vayama to find the best deals. Many European carriers have flights to Belgrade. This makes flights to Belgrade easy to find but not necessarily cheap. For cheap flights to Belgrade use Vayama who can scan all the airlines that have flights to Belgrade and pinpoint the cheapest ones. It couldn’t be easier, and once you have the desired flights Belgrade will be so accessible to you.Belgrade possesses many museums and royal palaces, making it the real cultural heart of Serbia. Its achievement of being made capital for two different countries is demonstrated in the glorious architecture and sturdy city walls.Positioned on open plains where the Sava River meets the Danube made the city vulnerable in times gone by, justified by the imposing complex of the Kalemegdan fortress. This is a great place to visit, containing part of the old town, massive stone archways and the city zoo, which is just by the main entrance. The Palace of Princess Ljubica in the south of the city has oriental and Ottoman touches, built in 1831, though there are some European influences to be found. Visitors can see modern exhibitions in the basement. Another place for art is the Museum of Contemporary Art near the river which showcases creations from the most acclaimed Yugoslavian artists, from the early 20th century to the present day.To find out who really invented electricity according to the Serbs, visit the Nikola Tesla Museum, in honour of the great scientist who worked with Thomas Edison. There are claims Edison used Tesla’s findings and took the credit for himself.

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