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Slovenia Etiquette Tips

Flying to Slovenia? They may seem somewhat reserved at first, but Slovenians are really very friendly. Below is a list of etiquette tips to help you out on your trip to Slovenia!

1. Dress Attire

  1. DO dress appropriately for business occasions. Men should wear suits and women should wear fashionable attire.

2. Table Manners

  1. DON'T initiate business discussions during a meal. Slovenians like to keep business and personal lives separate.
  2. DON'T put your elbows on the table, but do rest your wrists on the edge.
  3. DON'T leave the money on the table after paying a bill at a restaurant. Make sure it goes directly to the server.

3. Tipping

  1. DON'T feel obligated to tip. It's not customary, but many people will simply round up their bill at a restaurant.

4. Greetings

  1. DO shake hands upon meeting someone. Handshakes should be firm and hearty.
  2. DON'T try to kiss during a greeting. It might be seen as being intrusive.

5. Gift Giving and Accepting Gifts

  1. DO open your gift upon receipt.
  2. DO wrap a present nicely in the wrapping paper of your liking, as there are no color taboos.

6. Visitors Etiquette

  1. DO arrive on time.
  2. DO dress conservatively.
  3. DO remove your shoes upon entering a home.

7. Business Meeting

  1. DO expect some chit-chat before getting down to business. It's important not to rush this, because it's part of building the relationship.
  2. DON'T be boastful about accomplishments. Be modest.
  3. DON'T interrupt. Slovenians are polite, so you should be, too!
  4. DO understand that Slovenians tend to be indirect.
  5. DO have one side of your business card translated to Slovenian.
  6. DO bring a small gift, such as wine or pens.
  7. DO exchange business cards after introductions.
  8. DO avoid scheduling meetings in July and August, which are common vacation times.

8. Socializing and Conversation

  1. DON'T consider Slovenia as part of “Eastern Europe.” Slovenians relate more to the West due to their geography and history.
  2. DO feel free to bring up the former communist regime. Most people have no problems talking about it and Slovenians were often very fond of Tito, the leader of Yugoslavia.
  3. DO try to learn a few basic Slovenian words to impress those around you!

Slovenians are very open-minded when it comes to visitors to their country, so when all else fails, just ask! Have a wonderful trip to Slovenia.

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