Cheap flights to Antalya

Cheap Flights to Antalya, Turkey

Just the name of the Turquoise Coast is enough to make you decide to book a flight to Antalya, which is the gateway to the area. With endless sandy beaches and azure waters backed by mountains, cheap flights to Antalya are in high demand, especially during the summer. So use Vayama to fly to Antalya and check out the beauty for yourself.There was a time when Antalya was just the place you had to go to for the Turkish Riviera, whereas now it is a destination in its own right. With splendid buildings, a sprinkle of history, and a dash of international hotels, flights to Antalya are becoming increasingly popular. It is the largest Turkish city along this stretch of the Mediterranean and is situated right on the Gulf of Antalya.One of the most visited spots in Antalya is the historic, and virtually traffic-free, district of Kaleici, meaning ‘within the castle’. There’s a 15th century bazaar, an 18th century mosque, and Hadrian’s Gate, which was erected for the visit by the Roman emperor in 130 AD.Take an old-fashioned tram out to the Antalya Museum, which starts at the Stone Age era and has a Hall of Gods, the Greek mythological variety in statue form, and many gold exhibits. The symbol of the city is the Yivli Minare, a distinctive 13th century minaret standing tall alongside a working mosque.For a truly Turkish experience, check out the 700-year-old Balik Pazari Hamam for a Turkish bath complete with massage and peel. Afterwards, treat yourself to a boat trip out of the Roman harbour and along the coast to various spectacular resorts and beaches.It is much easier to get direct flights to Antalya than flying into Istanbul and flying out again to the coast. So make sure you get the right Antalya flights by booking cheap flights to Antalya through Vayama!

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