Cheap flights to Izmir

Cheap Flights to Izmir, Turkey

History addicts and beach bums should get flights to Izmir this year to enjoy what it has to offer in the way of historical artefacts and stretches of golden sand. Cheap flights to Izmir are available all year round from Vayama, the place to get the best deal on flights to Izmir.Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey and actually used to be Greek. Its prime position on the Aegean Sea means it is an important port and has an amazing seafront for strolling and watching incredible sunsets. You will appreciate the laidback feel if you catch some Izmir flights, something which not all Turkish cities have. It is also one of the few places where bars remain open during Ramadan.For history nuts, the ruins of the Agora are worth a visit. This Roman bazaar was built for Alexander the Great and has reconstructed Corinthian columns and arches so you can see what it must have looked like centuries ago. There is also the Archaeology Museum and the Ethnography Museum where you can learn about camel wrestling and embroidery among other things.The seafront, occupying the areas of Kordon and Alsancak, are synonymous with Izmir and form the heart of the town. The Konak Meydani Square is central to it all, with an ornate Ottoman clock dominating the space.For a shopping expedition, head for the Kemeralti Bazaar for leather goods, jewellery, and flowers. Make time for a strong Turkish coffee at one of the many cafes. For quieter moments, seek out Kultur Park for a picnic or you could have a go at jumping off the 50m parachute tower, riding the Ferris Wheel, or admiring the sculptures scattered around.There is an array of flights to Izmir that land at the Adnan Menderes Airport, which is roughly 11 miles south of the centre. There are hourly buses to get you into the city after your Izmir flights. So all you need to do now is book your cheap flights to Izmir through Vayama and wait for your holiday to finally come round. Enjoy!

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