Cheap flights to Kayseri

Cheap Flights to Kayseri, Turkey

In the interior of Turkey is a place filled with booming businesses, colourful headscarves, and a true sense of its own identity, so grab some flights to Kayseri to discover it all for yourself. The surrounding area in the district of Cappadocia offers up fairy chimneys, cave dwellings including cave hotels, and a lunar landscape, so get your cheap flights to Kayseri from Vayama and make the trip of a lifetime.This boom town is the second most Islamic city in Turkey after Konya, combining ancient mosques with modern day monuments. It boasts one of the biggest markets in the country and also a rugged mountain called Erciyes Dagi, where ski-ing is a favoured winter pastime and empty slopes are commonplace. So for skiers, bag some winter flights to Kayseri for some fun in the snow.The striking black volcanic walls of the citadel will immediately grab your attention when you first enter the city. Built in the 13th century, they have stood strong over the centuries and now enclose round a lively market full of bustling stalls. The Archaeological Museum a mile from the citadel is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of goodies. There are child mummies, Bronze Age idols, Roman jewellery and clay tablets dating from 1920 BC to 1840 BC. Not far away is the Ethnography Museum housed in an elegant Ottoman mansion and exhibiting craft pieces and a mannequin-inspired area.The Kapali Carsi, a vaulted bazaar, is worth wandering around just for the sheer size of it and the variety of goods on sale. Next door is the covered market, great for carpets and kilims, which are flat weave rugs.There are many business flights to Kayseri throughout the year as this area of Turkey is economically on the up. For international flights to Kayseri you will find it easier to book through Vayama as the company can search out the best deals at the time you want to go. So fly to Kayseri with Vayama and leave all the rest behind.

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