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Places too tantalizing to miss where you can get great deals on flights are Cairo, the capital of Egypt, where history comes alive. Budapest in Hungary for fascinating architecture, or Johannesburg in South Africa where you should be prepared for a complete culture shock!

If you want flights to somewhere exotic, choose Sao Paulo in Brazil! For endless options of tasty foods, give Thailand in Asia a go.

How do I find the cheapest flight tickets?

Tip 1:
Flights can be cheaper last minute, but this isn’t always the case. We recommend that you try to book 4-5 months in advance for the cheapest flights to Europe. The price of flights can vary due to the season and availability.

Top Flight Ticket Deals in all Regions of the World

Best Flight Tickets to Asia

When you book flights to Asia, bear in mind that the region is huge; it encompasses many ancient kingdoms, cultures, languages, religions and geographical variations. You will get to know cultures totally different from yours.

Best Flight Tickets to Europe

Europe is a fascinating continent with lots to offer. From snowy mountain tops in Switzerland, Austria and France to white beaches in Spain, Greece or one of the many other enchanting destinations.

Best Flight Tickets to South America

When you book flights to South America you enter a continent of many cultures. Each South American country offers a unique blend of Native, European and African heritages, augmented by immigrants from all over the world.

Best Flight Tickets to Central America

Travelers book flights to Central America to enjoy its tropical climate, its dual Pacific and Caribbean coasts, quaint Spanish colonial towns, majestic lakes and volcanoes and ancient ruins and pyramids. Take a zip line tour above the jungle canopy in Costa Rica or wade trough rivers in Panama's pristine Boquete forest. Many travelers book flights to Central America to enjoy its beautiful Spanish colonial towns.

Best Flight Tickets to Middle East

Travelers are booking flights to the Middle East because it offers something for everybody. Exploring its 2000 year old Roman ruins and millennia of culture, art and philosophy. Enjoy the balmy beaches of the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Discover the culinary wonders of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant; while others visit the posh nightclubs of Dubai, Beirut and Tel Aviv.

Best Flight Tickets to Caribbean

The Caribbean region is famous worldwide for its string of Antillean islands stretching from North America to South America. These islands are popular with travelers due to their tropical beauty and world class beaches. The Caribbean also includes the north shore of South America and the eastern coast of Central America and Mexico.

Best Flight Tickets to Africa

Africa is the second largest continent on earth with the largest number of independent countries and most spoken languages. Travelers booking flights to Africa must bear in mind that the continent is very large. Africa stretches from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the meeting point between the Atlantic and Indian oceans in the south.

Best Flight Tickets to South Pacific

Book your flights to the South Pacific also geographically referred to as Oceania. The South Pacific comprises the islands located in the southern Pacific Ocean that extend south of the Malay Archipelago and eastwards towards the Americas. Travelers booking flights to the South Pacific will experience numerous cultures and geographical regions including cities such as Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne and beautiful tropical islands.

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