Cheap flights to Tel Aviv

Cheap Flights to Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Tel Aviv is a vibrant and growing city that many residents think of as their very own New York City. That’s not to say Tel Aviv is anywhere near as big as a place like New York City, but Tel Aviv has the same restless, edgy energy. The Ben Gurion International Airport is located right next to Tel Aviv, which means that the majority of international visitors will pass through Tel Aviv on their way to other destinations in Israel. If you intend to leave Tel Aviv without taking a chance to see it first, think twice; Tel Aviv is a marvelous place that should not be missed. Visit to book your flights to Tel Aviv today. Tel Aviv generally has nice weather year round, so you can’t go wrong when booking flights to Tel Aviv during any time of the year. High season for flights to Tel Aviv is during the summer, when college students flock to Tel Aviv to enjoy the beaches and the nightlife. In the winter, flights to Tel Aviv are less popular due to the weather. The most popular times of year to book flights to Tel Aviv are during the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, which occur during the fall, and Passover, which occurs during the spring. Flights to Tel Aviv will bring you one step closer to this city that never sleeps. Tel Aviv has a reputation for being a party capital thanks to its active nightlife. If you’re looking for nightclubs, be sure to visit Tel Aviv Port and the Yad Harutsim area. The most popular beach in Tel Aviv is Hayarkon Park; if you’re looking for something a little less crowded, check out Charles Clore Park, Meir Park or Dubnow Park. Historical sites in Tel Aviv include Old Jaffa, Rabin Square, Rothschild Boulevard, Neve Tzedek and Jaffa’s Railway Station. Great museums in Tel Aviv include the Eretz-Israel Musuem, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora and the Gutman Art Museum. If you like the sound of Tel Aviv, then book your flights to Tel Aviv today on

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