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No longer just a stopover for duty-free shopping, travellers on flights to Oman are realising there is much more to this Arabian country than a link between Europe and the Far East. So take the time to buy cheap flights to Oman with Vayama and find out for yourself about this fascinating country and its people.There are many places in Oman where you could imagine not much has changed in centuries – old-style souqs, ancient villages, and dusty roads. This is the beauty of the country, far less commercial than its neighbours of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This can prove a real treat to those lucky enough to be on flights to Oman and discover a country untouched by tourism.Fly to Oman for the variety of landscape as nothing like it exists elsewhere in the Gulf. There is a mountainous interior, a fertile coastline littered with banana trees and coconut plantations, and gravel desert where water is scarce. Perched on the top of a hill is the amazing sight of the Bat tombs, between Ibri and Kubarah. These beehive-shaped tombs are linked to the Umm anNar civilisation from 2,500 BC, and are incredible structures to behold.Another ancient area is Dhofar down in the south, site of Job’s Tomb and the Empty Quarter, a mainly inhospitable place where frankincense trees thrive. You can visit the Wadi Dawkah Frankincense Park to see these gnarly trees, some of which are over 200 years old. The Bait Kathir Bedu tribe own the rights to collect the sap, and if you see some of them working on the trees, make sure you give them a bit of money if you want to photograph them.There are two international airports receiving flights to Oman, the main one being Muscat International Airport. If you are considering Oman flights note that the heat is incredibly intense during the summer months and you might only be able to manage going from one air conditioned building to the next, unless you are on the coast. A better time to get cheap flights to Oman through Vayama is early spring or September/October time when the heat is less stifling.

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