Cheap flights to Sao Paulo

Cheap Flights to Sao Paolo, Brazil

There is a certain exotic quality to saying you are going to Brazil or catching a flight Sao Paulo bound. The place conjures up images of music you have to dance to, beaches to be seen on and the best coffee in the world.To really appreciate Brazil, a three week stay is required at least. This give you the chance to arrive in style on your flights Sao Paulo bound and explore the city and its environs before heading into the jungle. If you do not have the luxury of so long, concentrate on one city and try to really get to know it.For a variety of flights Sao Paulo is accommodating because even though it is not the capital, it is the major hub for air transport. The many flights Sao Paulo has come from the rest of the country or from abroad so you can be assured of plenty of choices for flights Sao Paulo bound.If you are on an international flight Sao Paulo airport, also known as Guarulhos, is where you are likely to land. Once you have disembarked from your flight Sao Paulo is about 30km away to the west. Many ‘airport service' buses leave from the airport for the city centre every half an hour or there is a taxi rank.Once off your flight Sao Paulo is waiting to be explored and shopping is often top of the list. For a grand experience, make your way to Daslu, a completely extravagant shopping emporium, but do not dare to walk! It is against the rules to arrive on foot so most have to take a taxi.If you are feeling especially generous, a helicopter is really the way to make an entrance, landing on the building's rooftop heliport. To the super-rich, this is nothing, just another day (not) at the office. Sao Paulo has the dubious honour of being the city with the most number of private helicopters, over 300 at the last count. It would certainly put a different spin on any flights Sao Paulo offers.If a bargain is what you came for, head for Rua 25 de Marco, north of the centre, where you will find an array of discounted goods from all over the world. Markets are always a good bet for having a mooch around and picking up some souvenirs or antiques. Then on your homeward flight Sao Paulo will remain in your thoughts because of all the purchases you acquired.After a shopping spree, why not treat yourself to a night at the opera or ballet? The Sala Sao Paulo is a classical music venue in a renovated train station and offers great acoustics.For bargain flights Sao Paulo has a range so check out the great deals at Vayama where you will find many flights Sao Paulo bound at knockdown prices. The flights Sao Paulo has can be purchased at any time of year as this destination is one that is buzzing whenever you go.

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