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Lapped by the Caribbean Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean, Colombia is a land of sun and adventure with great opportunities for diving and trekking if you decide to buy flights to Colombia with Vayama. Be prepared for a party though if you take flights to Colombia because dancing is in the nation’s blood and there are countless music festivals to enjoy throughout the year!Long-lost cultures with archaeological sites, mountains that rise from the sea, and coffee farms galore are what you can expect when you get on flights to Colombia. Then there are delightful villages in the hills, tempting food to taste such as ajiaco de pollo, a creamy chicken dish with avocado, and plenty of beaches to satisfy all sun seekers.Fly to Colombia soon to take in a whole new world of possibilities. One not to be missed is Zipaquira, where there is a Salt Cathedral within a working salt mine. Many visitors from flights Colombia bound put this at the top of their list of places to visit. Another is Cartagena, a beautiful colonial city with a cosmopolitan vibe and a walled area that contains colourful squares and atmospheric churches.The Lost City of Ciudad Perdida was laid to waste for four centuries covered by a thick layer of trees, until 1973 when tomb raiders, who were searching for gold, uncovered it. The long hike to the site is worth it as you trek past glittering waterfalls, friendly villages, and amazing wildlife, before coming upon the fascinating archaeological site. Want to see the Lost City yourself? Book your flight with Vayama now!

Colombian Etiquette Tips

1. Table Manners

DON'T put your elbows on the table.
DO try all the food that your host or hostess serve you.
DON'T use a tooth pick at the table.
DO cut food (including fruit) with knife and fork. Colombians find it very unhygienic to eat food with your hands.

2. Tipping

DO give a tip in restaurants (10%) or hotels. Make sure you check the bill first, a 10% tip may already be included.

3. Body Gestures

DO smile a lot.
DO shake hands and say the time of the day. Buenos dias (good day), Buenas tardes (good afternoon) or buenas noches (good evening/night).

4. Greetings

DO shake hands when entering or leaving a room with people.
DON'T be surprised when people arrive half an hour late.

5. Business Meetings

DON'T be surprised when people say they will call you tomorrow but call you a week later.
DON'T be surprised if you’re invited to a business breakfast.
DO make sure your shoes are polished as attention will be payed to this. Colombians don’t wear sports shoes in their free time, only when they exercise.
DON'T comment negatively on bullfighting. It is very popular in Colombia.
DO take take your time to shake hands. Colombians are known to do so and talk a bit while shaking hands.

6. Gift Giving and Accepting Gifts

DO bring flowers (Colombians love roses!), chocolates or fruit when visiting somebody.
DO give alcohol when you want something more ‘special’. All alcohol is imported in Colombia, so it is considered a nice and expensive gift.
DON'T give lilies or marigolds. These flowers are for funerals.
DON'T open wrapped gifts upon receiving.
Go with the flow of the Colombians and don’t take time too serious. Have a great trip to Colombia!

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