Cheap flights to Lima

Cheap Flights to Lima, Peru

Lima, the capital city of Peru, was founded back in 1535 by Spanish conquistadores. Ever since then, Lima has been a politically important city. Today, Lima is a thriving multicultural city that showcases the best Peru has to offer. Book your flights to Lima, so you can experience the city’s amazing food, multiple museums, beautiful parks, fascinating cultures and pretty beaches. The weather is Lima is pretty consistent, so you don’t have to worry about sudden temperature changes when figuring out when you should book your flights to Lima. The nicest time of the year to get flights to Lima is from December to April. Flights to Lima during this period of time will bring you to a city with pleasant temperatures and lots of sun. Flights to Lima are less popular during the rest of the year due to a thick fog that often plagues the city. Flights to Lima will allow you to explore the districts of the city, which include Barranco, Centro Lima, Javier Prado East, Javier Prado West, Miraflores, Rio Lurin South and Rio Rimac North. Barranco is a district that knows how to party; located near the beach, Barranco is filled with clubs, cafes and food festivals. Many of the popular tourist attractions are located in Central Lima. In Central Lima, you’ll find the historic center of Lima, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cerro San Cristóbal, Convento de San Francisco, Casa Aliaga, La Casa Nacional de Moneda and Palacio de Gobierno are just a few of the historic sites you should visit in Central Lima. Miraflores is a sophisticated neighborhood filled with shops and restaurants. Good places to shop here include Av. Petit Thouars, Mercado Indio and Larcomar. Lima is known as the “Gastronomy Capital of the Americas,” so be sure to take advantage of the many excellent restaurants in the city. One dish you should not miss out on is ceviche, which consists of raw fish marinated in citrus juice. can help you find the best deals on flights to Lima, so what’s your excuse for not taking your next vacation in this wonderful city?

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